why people hate you??

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ONLY two reason why people hate you..

they hate you because they wanna be YOU
they hate you because you are not like them..

sometimes..people hate you because they dont have what do u actually..they dont hate you..they just wanna be like u but they cant..
maybe korang cantik..maybe korang pandai..or maybe korang xcantik tapi pandai, so they hate you because diorang nak jadik macam u..nak cantik.nak pandai nak baik mcm die tiada unsur2 tersebut..dia rasa cemburu..then bila dia cemburu..lama2 akan berubah kepada benci..
then at last..bila ada org tanya..dia akan jawab..

aku hate this girl

sebab dia kerek ah..sebab dia berlagak ah..sebab dia sombong ah..
in fact..orang yang dibenci tu xtahu apa2 pon..
u label them
u put the word kerek.sombong, berlagak.
actually..u obviously hate them because you wanna be like them..

so..dont hate people just because you are not like them..

and if u feel hurt when people hate u..assuming that they want to have what do u share a lil bit.. P

and ada jugak..that person xcun..xpandai..xcantik..but everybody like her..everybody adore her sedangkan yg si cantik, si pandai and si kaya tu..xde pon ramai2 nak suka and adore sure they will hate you..then dia akan create satu story untuk make people hate you..why?because they wanna be like you..they wanna be humble like you but they cant..they wanna be as nice as u but they cant..they think that they are so perfect to deserve to be liked like you but they failed..

remember this..when people hate you..just pay them no mind..sometimes..The people who hate successful people are usually, unsuccessful..and on and so forth..kadang2 kite rasa down sgt..kite akn rasa kite ni teruk..apa salah aku?why the hate me?? advice is..If you become successful and any people decide to hate you, it's because of their own fears, not because you have suddenly become a 'bad person'. ..think positive.

and another reason why people hate you because you are not like them..
just because u dont agree with them..they hate you.
just because u are not wearing like them..not eat what they eat..not so great like them..they hate you..
sometimes dia rasa dia lemah lembut..dia soft dia benci korang just kerana korang kasar.korang cakap main lepas want u to be them..they hate you when they judge you from their perspective..
eh aku xsuka orang yang kasar..aku xsuka la orang yang mcm ni..aku xsuka la orang yang tulis mcm ni..(padahal dlm hati diorang cakap..dia sepatutnye tiru mcm aku..die sepatutnye lemah lembut mcm aku..dia sepatutnnye tulis mcm aku..dia sepatutnye pakai mcm aku)

so for me..
dont hate somebody when they are not like you..let them be in their way..
it is a worse things to hate people just because they are not that great as you..
it is a worse things to hate people just because they dont agree with u..

when people hate you just because you are not like them..
just let them be..dont feel bad..
mind this..
we do not live to please everyone!!!
just stand for what you are believe is good for you..dont bother about haters..
coz if they hate you because you are not LIKE them..
prove to them that EVEN you are not like them..
u are BETTER then them..

bagi saya..
saya ade prinsip saya sendiri..

i dont care what other may think about me..because I want to live my life the way I want..
if i dont agree with is because i have a strong reason behind it..i dont hate people for no reason..i dont hate people just because of this two shit reasons!!

i always remind myself that life is too short to wasting your time by hating will try as hard as i can not to hate everyone..

it is true..When some hurt your dignity, it hurts, but I always tell myself that I am who I am ... NO matter what others say...

live with peace.
that was from my perspective....what about you guys?

p/s: sorry for my grammatical error..sorry malas nak re-check hahaha..:)

thanks for reading this..

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