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♥Terence Rodney Felton♥ i miss my dad the moments with him . i love him very much ♥♥
my dad sangat baik , my dad suka buat aku ketawe . happy with my dad but .. kenape cepat sangat my dad pergi ??
kalau laa ,mase tuh bole putar balek kan best , keh bole stop, confirm da bole jumpe kan . tp , ape yang aku bole buat , tuh semua kehendak Allah. dan aku percayekan TAKDIR. so .. let them go . Semoga roh my dad dicucuri rahmat . and semoga my dad tenang disane ;)) iloveyou DADDY ♥♥

amin ..


Manglish is one of the many varieties of Malaysian English (ME), which have been widely researched on, discussed, and accepted as part of World Englishes. Read the World Englishes journal if you don’t believe me. So much has been written about the many varieties of English that are spoken all over the world. I am always surprised that some Malaysians are ashamed to accept the richness of their culture (ME, being one case), feeling that what we have is inferior, while people from other countries have already accepted it as the result of the uniqueness of our multilingual, multicultural, and multi-ethnic background.

Singapore, by the way, embraced Singapore English with open arms and is proud to acknowledge it. Probably, the people who despise ME have no idea that English-speaking people all over the world are putting claim to their own varieties of English and that there is so much research and literature on the diverse varieties of English that exist throughout the world where English is used.

So you think you are better in English but the person who want to try speak English is not good enough? More murder victims to come... I've taken some more pictures and need to figure out how to upload them from my phone that is telling me there's not enough memory to upload the pictures on my phone. *SIGH* Technology: can't live with it; you can't kill it

I hereby publicly apologize for the bad grammar in the first sentence of my last post. Using "road" twice like that sounds horrible. What is wrong with me? Oh wait, I know. It's because I tend to write these posts in really good ways, right?

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