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Monday, April 09, 2012 | 0 Comments

I hate two faced people. I don't know which face I need to slap first.
Oh biatches, come on.
If you don't like me, because I'm better than you, just admit it.
It's not my fault if your man want me ahakssss ;p

But seriously,
I didn't mean to hurt anyone. People need to care about others feeling.
If you don't like me, who the hell cares. I don't give you any damn.
Save the drama for your mama!

You think you're good enough huh? No, you don't.
People keep talking shit about me. 
U said you not a hoe.. alright, no doubt. Next time you say that, be sure to wipe your mouth.

I do sins. A lot. You also do sins.
People make mistakes, so people don't judge others.

To all haters, do what you do. I sure as hell ain't gonna waste my time on you.
U Swear you know me. Cuz you heard my name.
BUT If you ever really met me. You would know the game. Drama never ends & haters are all the same. They smile to your face & spit on your name!

Just think.. "dogs don't bark if they know the person"
So yeah, haters. keep talking, you're making me famous and I'm not Rihanna to love the way you lie ;')

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